Super Quiz Information

Description of the Event:

The Super Quiz topic is based on the overall theme each year. The USAD Resource Guide provides a comprehensive collection of articles and speeches by various experts covering the breadth of the subject. The Resource Guide is the only source that is needed for Super Quiz preparation, and conversely, it would be impossible to compete in Super Quiz without reading the Resource Guide. The Super Quiz test is held before an audience and each student has his or her time in the spot light to answer his or her ten questions raising his or her hand when they get the correct answer. Most experienced Decathlon teams know it is important to know the Super Quiz materials in order to win the Super Quiz combined event.


Students from each school are assigned to the arrangements in rows clearly marked with the team name. If a team with fewer than nine members is competing, the students should leave a chair empty rather than filling in each seat in the row and only move up when their number is competing.

Coaches and the general public are seated separately from the contestants. Audience Participation Answer Sheets may be provided to the audience. No alternates are allowed to compete in the oral competition but may mark their answer sheets as though they were competing checking their own answers for correctness.

Proctors will be assigned to confirm students are properly seated. No materials may be brought into the area: all supplies will be provided. Preliminary and/or welcoming remarks are given by the emcee, contest officials, etc. Proctors are asked to take their assigned places on the competition floor.

The emcee then explains the procedures and rules to the participants and the audience. The emcee calls up one category of contestants, (i.e., "Varsity"). After students are settled and proctors have verified contestant numbers, the emcee begins the competition.

A question is shown on the projection screen while the emcee reads the question and answers choices.. All questions are multiple choice. The students are given 7 seconds to mark their answer sheets, after the question and answer choices have been read. The emcee announces the time is up; at this point, the student's pencil must be down until his or her answer sheet is scored. The answer is then read by the emcee. Proctors monitor the students while they are marking their answer sheets, score the answer sheets and indicate correct response by instructing the students to raise a hand.

After this group of students (Varsity) has answered ten questions, the group of Scholastic students and then the Honor students will follow the same procedure. After all students have completed the oral event, the Super Quiz is completed. 

If an answer, right or wrong, is called out by the audience and is heard by the emcee, the question will be eliminated and the total value of the Super Quiz relay will be reduced by 100 points for each voided question.

If a student wishes to contest an answer, the team COACH should submit the appeal in writing to the State Director or the emcee immediately following the Super Quiz relay.