Maine Academic Decathlon Board of Directors

Maine Academic Decathlon is governed by an Executive Committee who are dedicated to providing the best academic program to high school students in Maine. The following people make up the Executive Committee:

Tom Hanson, President

Virgel Hammonds, Vice-President

James Hodgkin Secretary

Jeff Gosselin Treasurer

Ellen Ross, Fund Raising Chair

Bonnie Green Secretary

Other members of the Board of Directors attend Board meetings and theannual meeting held at the state competition.  The following people complete the make up the full Board of Directors of Maine Academic Decathlon.

Dan Berdichevsky Executive Director DemiDec & The World Scholar's Cup

Ron LaBerge, Coach Liaison

Ron Moody, Community Liaison

Janeen Violette  Support Personnel

The board of directors sets the policies of Maine Academic Decathlon and works with the State Executive Director in promoting the program to the state of Maine. The board also helps the State Executive Director in running the competitions throughout the state.